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Hire Susan! Yes, Susan is available for employment in the following areas.

Editorial: Susan Redman has been a journalist and design columnist for over 15 years. Her feature articles on interior design and home decorating have appeared in all the major Australian home living magazines, and she has written columns on design in both Australian and Japanese broadsheet newspapers. She presently writes for Fairfax Media. Contact Susan via or via Linked In.

Commercial: Susan is also a copywriter and available for commission. She describes new product designs in enticing language, writes plain and simple specifications, crafts inspiring retail copy and creates brilliant call-to-action tag lines. Plus, Susan can craft messages for your brochures or online websites with targeted SEO writing. Contact Susan via or via Linked In.

Blogging: Susan can write online copy for your website or blog as a guest editor and she welcomes any new product or services for review. She will never endorse a product that does not pass The Style Index aesthetic. All selections for posting are her own. Contact Susan via or via Linked In.

Education: Susan is a teacher. In addition to a masters degree in journalism, she has a teaching degree that qualifies her to teach in NSW high schools as a visual arts and design teacher. She has also taught adults at private education centres and is available to take courses in media writing in the areas of interior design, art, fashion. Contact Susan via or via Linked In.

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