Friday, 6 March 2015

Going to Extremes: Black and White Checks & Stripes

If I could be pretty Polly and stay on the streamers of colour that exist imperceptibilly between black and white stripes I would never veer toward the contrasts of monochrome, the light and shade, the black and white. My life would be filled with cheerful brightness but also, at times, with mediocre blandness. Oh for a life of extremes.

1. The Club Hotel, designed by Colin Seah of Ministry of Design, Singapore,
2. Still from Polly Maggoo, a satirical art house film made in the 1960s by William Klein. Polly Maggoo is a 20-year-old Brooklyn-born fashion model in Paris, and Grayson Hall pays Miss Maxwell, a fashion magazine editor based on Diana Vreeland.
3. Houndstooth check towels, via susannavento.fl
4. Cafeteria La Biennale Venice by Tobias Rehbeger,
5. WOW Black and white powder room by Los Angeles interior designer Christian May, via
6. Balmain Resort fashion colllection 2013,
7. Zebra-wallpaper,
8. Stylist Susanna Vento painted all surfaces in her 61 sqm apartment chalk-white and decorated it with furniture, lamps, rugs and accessories exclusively in black and white, bringing more light and spacious feel into her home, via susannavento.fl

Stills from Who are you Polly Magoo? by photographer William Klein.

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