Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Neo Geo Homewares

I am such a big fan of the geometrics trend: I love the patterns and the dusty colours, the black and white contrasts, the bold shapes. It's a trend that keeps returning and giving more, which makes it kind of classic yet still undeniably modern. This collection from Amalfi ticks all the boxes by combining texture, shape, pattern and colour in decorative accessories, such as distinctive lamps and uniquely textured glass vases that capture the geo-look perfectly. Each item works perfectly when featured as a stand-alone piece, however Amalfi suggests you can really celebrate the trend by presenting a number of geometric-inspired pieces together.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Cheeky Hook Ups: Four fun ways to hang up stuff

Fun and whimsical wall decor isn't all about papers and stickers. There are plenty of practical ideas that look cool, too. These colourful hooks and hangers look just as good devoid of any props as they do providing a practical function 'dressed' with bags, towels, keys, jackets, caps and umbrellas.

Dial Hangers can be mixed and matched in various colours, quantities, layouts and can be purchased with or without the extension hook. These ones are from The Design Hunter in Sydney.
This mid-century style Eames hang-it-all coat rack is being used to display colourful turban-style shower caps from Louvelle in the bathroom.
Create your own hall hanger with a straight piece of timber secured to the wall and the addition of some fancy hooks. The on-trend black and white patterned Aztec towel is from Cranmore Home.
Sold in packs of three, these delicious doughnut hooks are made from beech and are iced in strawberry pink, chocolate brown and sugar white. Get them online from Littleville.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Tight Squeeze: Vertical House from Muji Japan

Cool Japanese design brand Muji made the 'plain and simple' aesthetic chic in homewares, but now the company has gone one step further by bringing their cool design ethos to architecture. A narrow three-storey home that features wood floors, white walls and minimalist furnishings is on display in Tokyo. Being only 4.4m wide and 8.2m deep, the structure is a study in how to maximise space. What's more Vertical House is entirely pre-designed and assembled on site for about US$200,000. There are two other Muji houses that precede this one: Window House and Tree House. All are designed to provide stylish and affordable solutions to modern living in dense urban areas. 
All images courtesy of Muji.