Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Get Out Now: Outdoor furniture setups from Koskela

Our favourite inner city homewares emporium and designer warehouse at Koskela in Rosebery has assembled the perfect outdoor setting for summer living. Choose from fab furniture, fun games and funky accessories including some cool products pictured below: Denim Bean Bag by Koskela: $590, Bamboo Cloche Pendants: from $240, Pots (exclusive Koskela colourways): from $120, Round Beach Towel: $99, Beetle Track Stool: $660, Finska (a favourite lawn game): $70, Croquet Set: $165, Animal Footprint Thongs (Juniors): $55, Portable Speakers: $925.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tinker Taylor: Stylish homewares from Taylor+Cloth

I get all sorts of inbox mails about new small businesses in the homewares sector and I've got to say most are awesome. I especially like some of the creative approaches taken by women trying to juggle family life with career. One of these designer dames is Kate Taylor. She's the lady behind Taylor + cloth, a Sydney-based homewares and lifestyle brand. She's got three adorable children and a beautiful home, but still finds time to share her wonderful designs via an online store.

Kate has designed a gorgeous range of homewares, of bed linens, cushions, bags and planters, that shows off her quirky but fashion-forward style. It's clear craft is her passion. She screen prints, sews, knots macrame and crochets. "I love making things for the people I love. That's not to say that I'm doing it alone though. I have some very important people motivating and helping me," she says.

On her website there are plenty of items made by Kate but there are also products made by her "amazing and creative Mama". There are also products from India and Nepal, "where a number of local crafts people are helping Taylor + cloth to make beautiful handmade homewares, all Fair Trade," she says.