Monday, 16 December 2013

Traditional Christmas: Red and Green, Even Outdoors

As Christmas baubles and trimmings become more sophisticated, and colours follow fashion trends, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose from the many divine decorations on offer at this time of year. I took the plunge a few seasons ago by choosing yuletide chic over conventional options, but sadly, the black Christmas tree I bought didn’t do much to impress the grandparents and littles, nor did the wicker door decorations and plywood ornaments. So this year I resolved to revisit tradition – after all red and green still say Christmas better than any other colour combination and when applied to handcrafted treasures outshine even the glitziest bauble. But I have also taken the idea one step further and given an outdoor tree a Christmas makeover. I think you'll agree, these red, green and gold outdoor decorations from TreeTrinkets fill both the traditional and contemporary niche for yuletide dressing.

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