Friday, 18 October 2013

Recycled Cardboard And Bamboo Furniture Wins Award

Cardboard is a material designers love to experiment with. Its throwaway nature and impermanence presents a challenge it is true, but designers continue to come up with novel ways to provide a sympathetic structure to what is essentially just thick paper. Gary Pennington from Tane Design in Melbourne has done this with Groove, a seating and lighting range produced from 100 per cent recycled cardboard featuring sturdy bamboo frames. According to Pennington: "The cardboard components sit within the bamboo frame but are not glued like other furniture of this kind, this allows the cardboard sections to be removed, recycled and replaced when they become tired. However, with care, the cardboard sections will last many years. They have already lasted well over two years in the public children's section of the Adelaide Zoo." The Groove range won the top award in the Furniture Product Design category at the recent Sydney Design Awards 2013.

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