Friday, 11 October 2013

London Calling: Australian Lighting Designers

If all the wonderful Australian designers could be sent to London with a bright idea, I would like to see them create a light, a lamp or a pendant, so that they could, in that faraway place, switch on their brilliant creations all at once, pointing the light produced at our antipodean continent on the other side of the globe. With a little luck, and a big mirror positioned somewhere strategically in space to redirect the beam, the light would shine on our collective brilliance and the world would be reminded that we are an artful place full of innovative people who know how to use design to live harmoniously together. At the event 100% Design, part of the recent London Design Festival 2013, a group of such designers exhibited their lights in the inaugural Australia Pavilion. Here is some of their work.

1. Droplet pendant by Viktor Legin; via
2. Stoneware Lamps by Adam Cornish; via
3. Luna Lana Lights by Stephanie Ng; via
4. Scoop Lights by Stephanie Ng; via
5. Topaz by Edward Linacre; via
6. Dusk Pendant by Edward Linacre; via

Let There Be Light editorial for Tush Magazine photographed by Armin Morbach.

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