Friday, 20 September 2013

Shelf Life Part 2: Found Objects & Stackable Colour

If my books and treasures could be elevated on walls up high, I would choose brightly coloured shelves of great ingenuity. I would find a way to use plumber's piping, cardboard boxes, vintage suitcases and old branches dropped in the garden. I would fill my house with colour and character stacked in DIY shelving, just so I could be surrounded by my amazing display units.

1. The Block Box light-weight shelf system by Nicolas Haeberli presented at DMY berlin 2013; via
2. French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have added three new colours to their Corniches shelves for Vitra; via and
3. Industrial Pipe Corner Shelf by Stella Bleu Designs;
4. Pegged shelves shot by Jeroen van der Spek, Amsterdam; via
5. Hanging rope shelves; via
6. Ki Nassauer, editor-in-chief of Fleamarket Style magazine’s suitcase shelving;
7. Easy-to-make branch self; via

The Shelf Portrait Project by UK artist Darragh Casey via

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