Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Feast Your Eyes: Jimmy Grants Souvlaki

Got to love a colour palette you can eat!!

These styled up ingredients come from some of the tastiest treats south of the border, down Melbourne way, at the recently opened Jimmy Grants, a hip new 36-seater souvlaki bar, brought to us by the Greek power-partnership of George Calombaris (of MasterChef fame) and George Sykiotis. 

Jimmy Grants is Australian rhyming-slang for 'immi' 'grants', a tongue in cheek reference to the wave of Greek immigrants that came to Australia after WWII, and to Melbourne in particular. That wonderful upbeat irreverence is also obvious in the naming of the menu – a delicious bestseller is called Mr Papadopoulos, and contains mouth-watering lamb, mustard aioli, chips, onion and parsley.

Question is: why does our most southern mainland state keep all the good souvlaki for themselves? The other states are wanting... C'mon Jimmy G, share!

The menu unwrapped: Jimmy Grants souvlaki bar in Melbourne; via

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