Friday, 16 August 2013

Terracotta: A colour oven-baked and ready to rise

If I was red clay, I would love to be scooped up and shaped on a pottery wheel into a garden pot. After firing in a kiln, I could join the terracotta tribe – the down-to-earth ceramics that form many of the products of every day life, from house bricks to baking dishes. Or possibly, I could be shaped into a lamp of such extraordinary delight that I end up in an interior design store.
1. The Garza chair, featuring a leather seat and steel base, is from Garza Furniture in Marfa, Texas; via
2. Paulistano terracotta leather chair with black frame by Paulo Mendes Da Rocha was design in 1957; via
3. Terracotta lamps by Tomas Kral, via
4. The terracotta-tinted museum Casa das Historias Paula Rego by Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto De Moura. Photograph by Luís Ferreira Alves; via
5. Kristalia terracotta Elephant Chair; via
6. The London-based designer Benjamin Hubert created the four jars for the Danish brand Menu; via
7. Terracotta tables from Italian label Flai; via

Taiwanese design firm Nexus Designs used brick and concrete for these stool and table; via

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