Thursday, 18 July 2013

Garden Cottage: Plant prints on white walls

If I lived at the bottom of the garden, I would paint the walls of my studio white. In the peace and quiet I could draw the intricacies of plant anatomy by day and follow the constellations in the sky by night. 

1. Guest cottage in Canada; via
2. Plus, plus storage; via
3 & 4. Botanical prints; via
5. Coastal collections; via
6. Great ideas plant specimen display; via

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Chill Factor: Cool Ideas for Interiors

If I was a snowflake wafting down to earth, I would close my eyes and pray not to land in a sad and barren land, such as in a wintery North Korea or Afghanistan, where my existence would be cursed. I would hope to land in Japan or Sweden and to be picked up by happy creative types who love my fascinating pattern and are inspired to design beautiful works of art, furniture and fashion from the comfort of their warm studios. Life is random.

1. From UK stylist and designer Abigail Edwards’ wallpaper range, Wilson’s Crystals wallpaper, £60 per roll; via
2. Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka and brand Blanc Bijou illustrate the innovative potential of crystal with a stunning natural crystal called fluorite at Maison et Objet, via
3. This white ‘wall console’ is part of a group of artworks titled EnlightenedWaste and was created by French-Mexican artist Thierry Jeannot and Austrian artist Gisela Stiegler. It was exhibited at the Marion Friedmann Gallery in London (photography by Felix Friedmann); via
4. Ukrainian creatives from KO+KO Architects designed this uber cool Arctic Bathroom sink; via
5. This temporary retail installation was created by the Snarkitecture group in collaboration with fashion designer Richard Chai for his 2010 collection and made from polystyrene foam; via
6. Ludlow throw in winter white; via
7. Melted snow table designed by Romanian architects from AA Studio; via
8. Winter’s way; via
Autumn Winter 2013 Ready to Wear collection by Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin; via