Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hanging Around: Indoor Plants

If I had gone to Milan's Furniture Fair, Salone Del Mobile, earlier this year, I would have enjoyed the wonderous sight of foliage decorating many of the stands. I would have seen hanging baskets, bulbs, wooden and metalic grids filled with mossy foliage and juicy succulents. These ideas I have stored in my mind and plan to use when and if I move into a greenhouse. In my shiny glass prism, I will hang the plants from the ceiling in order to appreciate their beauty in my line of sight.

1. Balanced is achieved through the flourish of foliage against distressed and crumbling walls; via
2. These terraniums in an installation by Michael Anastassiades; via
3. Shane Powers ceramic wall planters, West Elm USA,
4. Interior of Maurizio Zucchi of Italian lifestyle company Zucchi; via Ideat Magazine
5. O plant-hangers from Ladies and Gentlemen Studio; via
6. Did botantist Joseph Banks live here?; via Holly Becker’s
7. Amazing hanging shrubs; via

Welcome to Aristocrats of the Flora Court from 12/24 Magazine; via photographer

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