Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ice Palace

If I lived in an igloo, I would furnish my ice cave with faux furs and fluffy toys. I would make paper cut-outs of pretty doilies, and I would use them as plates when friends came to visit. I would chisel big windows from each side of the igloo so I could see into the lovely woods ... and also know when wolves were around.

1. The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden; via 

2. Interior architecture goes geometric in this loft apartment designed by Gus Wustemann Architects and called The Glacier in Lucerne, Switzerland; via
3. Architect William O’Brien Jr. created two vacation properties for two brothers and their families in upstate New York; via
4. The cool as ice Tumbona sunbed from the Faz collection of furniture; via
5. The Poly Chair has been chiselled from polystyrene in just 30 minutes and then coated in less than 10. Super quick design by Max Lamb; via
6. Learn how to make snowflake lights; via
7. Not just for loungers outside, the Faz collection also includes sofas. Here is the faz 90; via
8. A view for all seasons in this cross-shaped Four-cornered villa in Virrat, Finland, by Avanto Architects (see below); via


The black and white Four-cornered villa was awarded Finnish Color2011 prize "for it's coherent - even severe" color planning; via

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  1. #7 Faz collection available in Austalia from