Sunday, 17 March 2013

Check It Out: Crazy Patterns In Black And White

If I was a modern day Biba girl, I would find myself a black and white striped pad to call my own. There would be all sorts of people who would visit my monochrome mansion just to get a geek at how stripes and checks can work together, even in the bathroom.

1. This house is covered in waterproof, fire-retardant wallpapers which are made of a fiberglass fabric, and feature designs created by company founder and fashion photographer Christian Benini for Wall & Deco; via
2. French Bull plates photographed by Roger Davies; via
3. Colin Seah from Ministry of Design designed this boutique hotel in Singapore called The Club;
4. More from Italian wall coverings manufacturers Wall & Deco. The system allows for any scale graphic mural or artwork to be reproduced and installed on external surfaces protected against all weather types; via
5. Black and white decor in Danish apartment of stylist Susanna Vento; via
6. Morgans Hotel, New York in 1984, decor of monochrome-graphics by Andree Putman; via
7. Ministry of Design boutique hotel in Singapore called The Club; vis
8. Cafeteria La Biennale in Venice was designed by Tobias Rehbeger; via


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