Thursday, 14 February 2013

Study in Dark Blue

If I wanted a dark place to sit and sigh, I would paint the walls of my sitting room Prussian blue.
An occasional pop of pink would puncture the melancholy mood of the room's indigo palette,
and graphic black and white drawings would invalidate any gloominess in the shadowy setting.
I would play Roy Orbison's Blue Bayou and practice the inky art of calligraphy on scrolls of pearly white rice paper. Then, on the largest sheet, I would paint a letter to Yves Klein to tell him how much I loved ultramarine.

1. Blue and white outdoor living room with plates wall art decor photographed by Hallie Burton; via
2. Cobalt and magenta living room; via
3. Indigo wall and frames; via
4. Stylist Hans Blomquist’s dark interiors; via
5. Blue walls and pretty pink florals; via

Artwork by Yves Klein (1928-1962).

The artist at work creating Anthropometries.

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