Sunday, 24 February 2013

Botanicals on View

If I had a green thumb, I would extend my love of gardening to the interiors of my home.
On my living room wall, I would paint a mural of giant peonies and cover other walls with botanical prints ripped from dusty compendiums. I would try to dress like I belonged in a Henri Rousseau painting by disguising myself in floral art clothing. I would sing like a nightingale.

1. Botantical mural decorates a cupboard; via
2. Cascade print from WDCollections; via
3. Ukrainian designer Masha Rev has teamed up with Russian brand SYNDICATE to collaborate on a new collection, titled Botanical Layers, offering a range of original prints on limited-edition sweatshirts; via
4. Tribal beat via @Pinterest #Design #Botanical; via
5. Decorator Steven Gambrel transformed the powder room in this New York house by covering the walls with pages from a book of engravings from 18th-century Dutch naturalist Albertus Seba; via
6. Blue botanticals photographed by Christopher Baker; via


BOTANICAL LAYERS is the creative brainchild of Masha Reva and SYNDICATE. The original prints are available on limited edition sweat shirts; via

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