Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013: Fireworks around the world

If I wasn't so lucky as to live on the most beautiful harbour in the world, I wouldn't see the spectacular Sydney fireworks every year from my neighbourhood. Sometimes I am on my verandah, sometimes I am in a boat, sometimes I am on an island in the harbour, sometimes I am on a friend's rooftop and sometimes I am with thousands of other happy souls celebrating in a waterfront park.

New Year's Eve celebrations are a construct I know, but it is still great to feel the camaraderie of so much goodwill coming from so many all at once.

1. Fireworks explode over Big Ben in London; via
2. Fireworks in Japan; via
3. Fireworks over the statue of liberty; via
4. Fireworks over the Sydney Harbour bridge; via
5. Fireworks illuminate the Parthenon temple atop the Acropolis hill during new year’s celebrations in Athens, Greece; via Alexandros @Alexandrosparta Xponia polla-and  and via
6. Fireworks compete for star position with the Eiffel Tower in Paris; via tumblr at
7. Happy New Year from Red Square in Moscow; via @OnTheGo_Sam #vodkadiet #NewYear http-// or via
8. Happy New Year from Cairo, Egypt; via Always loved you @Wd2080 and via http-// or
9. Happy New Year 2013 fireworks, via  iStock photo

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