Friday, 21 December 2012

Emerald: Pantone colour of 2013

If I could be Dorothy, I would stay in the Emerald Palace forever and never go back to Kansas.
I would eat spinach and beetroot salad every day and drink midori cocktails.
I would find new best friends and we would all dress in green satin.
I would send Toto back home and buy a pet iguana.

1. Decadent drapes; via
2. Cristina Albuerne Northern light basecamp; via 
3. Emerald green satin evening dress and shoes
4. Antony Todd interior designer; via; shot by Costas Picadas; via
5. Renée Finberg design via
6. Chair covered in malachite print fabric; via
7. World Of Interiors photo by michael eastman carribean interiors; via

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