Friday, 28 December 2012

Cast in Concrete: brutalism at home

If I were into brutalism, I would find a concrete cave to live in.
I would cast all my furniture in concrete and pave the path with cement.
I would scratch my name in the cement. It would say 'Charles-Édouard Jeanneret lives here'.
Then passers-by would wonder if Le Corbusier designed my home.

1. Israeli designer Shmuel Linski created this cool kitchen appliance ‘Espresso Solo’ sheathed in concrete; via
2. ‘Heavy’ is a collection of thin-walled, cast concrete lights by Benjamin Hubert available as a pendant, desk or wall light; via
3. & below. The Concrete Collection is designed by photographer Tom Haga whose images of concrete walls across Norway are transformed into wallpaper; via
4. A concrete staircase in Liss Springthorpe House in Cape Town, via
5. This chair from the Stitching Concrete collection is designed by Florian Schmid; via
6. This 4th dimension clock is designed by Sean Yu and Yi-ting Cheng; via
7. ‘Crowd Candlesticks’ by David Taylor; via
8. Triangular firepit; via

Yes, it's not over yet with concrete as a new breed of designers and architects explore novel ways to incorporate the art brut material into our home designs, interiors and even homewares. But don't be fooled by what you see above: it's concrete as wallpaper (4), and there is also concrete as rubber (2), and concrete as wool (5).

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