Monday, 26 November 2012

Chrysanthemum Colour

Mamechiyo is a kimono label designed by the Japanese artist Mamechiyo. As a little girl, she dreamt about being a geisha. When she grew up she fell in love with the beauty of vintage kimono cloth and is now encouraging young girls' interest in wearing kimono with several books on 'how to' as well as a contemporary range of kimono. 

I love the way she applies Japanese kitsch logos to some of her designs, such as rocket ship appliqué, rabbit pins, and mobile phone charms, as well as her use of a modern western palette.

The deep pinks and intense blues of Japan's imperial bloom, the 
chrysanthemum or kiku, is inspiration in one of Mamechiyo's recent floral designs, seen here on a western model. They are colours that are also popping up in floral-fixated interior design and furniture. 

1. Canevas Collection by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN at the Milan Design Week 2012; via
2. The imperial seal of Japan or kiku flower seal is an abstracted design of the chrysanthemum.
3. Console Ibiza Fantasia, handpainted wooden wall table; via
4. Kimono collection from Mamechiyo and styled by Mieko Ueda, photos by Ayumi Hase; via;
5. Chrysanthemum pillow; via
6. Jo Meesters floral carpets are made from blankets; via
7. Colorful glass bud vases, image by Irene, via Flickr;

Mamechiyo in Tokyo; her kimono and geta below.


GUCCI Spring Summer 2013;

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