Friday, 19 October 2012

Line of Sight

Some of the furniture that previewed at this year's London Design Week was made of steel wire. It's a favourite material of designers and shows up regularly in new permutations. Beijing-based architect Sarah Bernardi's new studio collection (1) is so ethereal, it looks like a line drawing.

1. Sara Bernardi's collection of steel rod furniture called Con-Tradition by MICROmacro, via
2. Donna Walker's recycled chandeliers exhibited at The Residence Gallery, via
3. V4 vases by Seoul-based designer Seung-Yong-Sung, via
4. Solid Shell steel and concrete chairs by Voon Wong and Benson Saw, via
5 & 6. Czech designer Jan Plechac revisits the great icons of chair design in his Icons collection, via
7. Quantum table by Jason Phillips, via
8. Japanese design powerhouse Nendo's cage lamps, via

Lines of colour; via

Nendo's 2011 solo show Thin Black Lines And Dancing Squares in Taiwan.

When is a line drawing a chair? When it's Nendo's Thin Black Lines wire frame chair of course, via

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