Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Laws of Attraction


What suddenly makes a colour like mint green so need-it-now?

It seems that all it takes is one person’s ‘way of seeing’ a certain tint of green afresh (or any colour, shape or pattern for that matter) for that view to gain authority and influence others.

Seemingly overnight mint is elevated in status as the colour of the moment, and we are unexpectedly stirred when we see it, as if we had never really noticed its incredible freshness before.

The first person to declare mint green cool is generally an innovator, but not necessarily well-known. It's only when other creative types and early adopters start to share this view, that the idea that mint is a sharp and edgy colour for today… and not at all the mumsy and nice colour of yesterday… begins to infect and morph and transform and sophisticate into a collective swathe of ideas that pop up in all manner of design and decoration concepts from sources far and wide.

Here at The Style Index you’ll find edits of those ideas. Some are mere possibilities, some have already started to coagulate between like-minded creative souls, some are just starting to morph, while others are in full bloom and ready to expire …

We hope you enjoy using this index of style fragments and visual ideas to find inspiration.

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